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    Personal Wellness Journal – Pink and Gold

    Your digital download includes 3 Pink and Gold information sheets and 2 Covers:
    • Daily Health Diary - including daily diet and pain scale
    • Symptoms Log
    • Blood Pressure / Oxygen / Pulse log
    The convenient checklist format is efficient and time-saving, yet provides plenty of room for personalized record keeping. You don't have to use your journal every day, it's entirely up to you! If you have any health issues, this wellness journal is made for you! We sincerely hope this wellness journal will bring you a new sense of awareness, control, and well being. As always, we welcome any new comments or suggestions
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    Ultimate Medical Binder

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    This Medical Binder is Chalked FULL of everything you need to organize all of your medical needs. This has a password to open and edit - please see your purchase note for those passwords. You know that you are allergic to amoxicillin, that you have a family history of breast cancer, and that your blood type is AB-. But what if you had a medical emergency and couldn’t communicate those facts to the doctors and nurses providing care for you? What if you had to provide care for a family member? Would you know their important medical information?   The Medical Organizing Binder will give you the peace of mind that you need in a medical emergency. If you get sick and a caregiver needs that information, you’ll make a scary and burdensome situation easier by being organized and prepared. OVER 100 Pages that include the following and SO MUCH MORE!
    • Family information sheet – Your basic personal info, important people, and health insurance (includes two for an adult and two for a child, depending on who the binder is for)
    • One Page Medical Information Sheet – An at-a-glance summary of your medical providers, medical issues, treatments, allergies, medical equipment, immunization record, and more (includes two for an adult and two for a child, depending on who the binder is for)
    • Medical and Health History – Spaces to record a brief history of your past and current conditions, resolutions, symptoms, and treatments
    • Family Medical History – Dedicated space to list out any known conditions that run in your family, who had them, and any pertinent information about treatment
    • Doctor Information – Names, contact numbers, portal login information, and specialties for all the providers you see regularly
    • Diagnosis Tracker – Conditions you’ve had, when you had them, the treatments you received and the results of that treatment
    • Allergy Tracker – Any known allergies, the reactions, and medications needed
    • Medication Tracker – For all your prescribed medications and any side effects perceived
    • Lab Results – Any diagnostic testing, dates, and results
    • Hospitalization and Surgery History – The where, when, and why of any hospitalizations or surgeries
    • Doctor Appointment Tracker – A place to record your appointments, vital signs, notable symptoms, notes, and questions to ask your doctor (includes one for an adult and one for a child, depending on who the binder is for)
    • Milestones Checklist – Track these important details to help your (or your child’s) doctor determine your whole health picture
    • Immunization Record – A two-page running list of any vaccines you’ve received and when